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Mobile Banking

With time and age today, we are always looking for a convenient way to do any work. That is not different from banking services. Traditionally, you would have to go to the nearest Capital City branch to get access to your bank funds. The process would take a lot of time and also waste valuable resources. But with the progress of technology and mobile phones, you can now access your funds any time you need it.

Having an account with Capital Sacco is a great advantage. Here is how you can get easy access to your funds today from your mobile phone.

Register your mobile number with us.

We have updated our services to make them accessible to our customers through your phone. That includes easy access to your banking details through your mobile phone. Since almost all people over the age of eighteen have a telephone, this is a form of the medium where the bank we connect with you. All you have to do is register your phone number with us. You do not need to have a smartphone or the latest model to do it. Once your number is registered, you can easily access your account and funds through mobile banking services.

Download the Capital Sacco banking application HERE

More and more people are buying smartphones. That is very convenient since it allows the owner to perform multiple functions and other daily activities through a single medium. At Capital Sacco, we are planning to have a banking App. All you need to do is download the application for that unique feature, and you can access it at any time you require it. That also includes banking services. The mobile banking service will be very convenient since you have personalized banking experience. For instance, you will get real-time alerts or updates through the Capital Sacco Banking App.

Agency Banking
Agency banking is a utility of particular Commercial banks in Kenya that is monitored and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). The rules and legislation provide by CBK allows banks and Sacco societies like Capital Sacco to partner with third-party networks and work as Banking agents. Upon application, screening and successful approval, the Agents are sanctioned to provide selected services and products to the general public on behalf of the Central Bank. The outcome of the relationship is an agency banking business model that can help people receive services close to them.

Due to the above mandate, Capital Sacco has partnered with several leading banks in Kenya to offer you a convenient and more extensive banking network. At the moment, you can now make cash deposits, cash withdrawals, check account balances and mini statement at any branch of selected banks countrywide.

If you are a corporate client, you will also benefit immeasurably because you can easily collect withdraw, deposit money to your Capital Sacco account from anywhere in the country in real time. That means, being our client you get your cash quickly gain a strategic advantage over other people. With your Capital Sacco account information, you will have access to your banking services any time anywhere the way you need them.

Visa Branded ATM Issuance
An ATM is a smart computer which is connected to the main App known as switch via a secured network. An ATM cannot process any detail unless it gets directions from the switch. Universal ATM distributors mostly manage ATMs. The best example is VISA. At Capital Sacco, we provide Visa Branded ATM cards to our clients.

Why do you need an ATM card?

ATM’s help you do your work efficiently, quickly and safely. With this card, you don’t need to spend hours in a bank. You can transact at anytime and anywhere.


As mentioned early, you have protection. By owning an ATM card, you have less risk of employee theft and robbery. If any theft occurs, some of your money will be secure because ATMs provides a limit of withdrawal.

Reduced Costs

The cost of over the counter money withdrawal is three to four times more than the ATM withdrawal charges. That means that, whenever you withdraw your money via an ATM, you will be saving some money.

Do you have an ATM card?

If you do not have an ATM card, please have a plan of owning one. It is affordable, and it will only take some hour for processing. At Capital Sacco, we value your time, and that is why our services are designed to meet your needs. Get your VISA branded ATM card and

Cheque Book Issuance
Cheques continue to be the most essential forms and methods that people use for payment. That is why at Capital Sacco; we offer issue faster and very secure cheque book services to our customers.

Why should you opt for our cheque book services?

At Capital Sacco, we do what is called “Cheque personalization.” The process involves the printing of the Payors’ account number and name on the cheque. The service aims at improving the security of our cheque books.

With our cheque book services, you will have an easier way of identifying the Payors when the cheque is passed between parties. In addition to personalization, we also add more features that make it hard for cheques to be forged thus preventing theft.

Be Safe With Capital Sacco

At Capital Sacco, we ensure that your money, valuable items, and documents are safe.

We provide Safe Custody Services for your most precious items and documents at very affordable rates. Visit Us Today and make sure that you secure your valuables using one of the safest services in Kenya from us.

Sale Of Bankers Cheque
A banker’s cheque is prepaid and it is mostly issued by a bank. A banker’s cheque is different from the normal cheque in that, the latter is not prepaid.

How long should you wait for the approval of the bank’s cheque?

The money in the bank’s cheque is accessible four days after it has been paid. However, it will not ensure that it is settled up to six business days after paying it. If you spend the money in the meantime, you may have to pay it back.

When should you use a bank’s cheque?

Bank’s cheques are often used for large amounts and when people or organizations do not accept personal cheques.

At Capital Sacco, we value you and that is why we provide bank’s cheque selling services. For more details about such services, please feel free to contact us.

Salary & Pension Processing
At Capital Sacco, we provide fast salary & pension processing services. In addition to that, we provide high-quality customer service to all salary & pension members. We respond to and resolve any issues escalated by members. All our team members use professional excellence concepts and tools to ensure quality and efficient service delivery. For more information about these amazing services, give us a call and you will enjoy it.
Standing Orders
Let’s all face it; paying a bill is one of the forgetful things on earth. Forgetting occurs when you are paying standing orders. The good thing is now you can pay your standing orders through Capital Sacco. In the past, only big banks had the power to offer this incredibly useful feature, but at the moment, we are the leading Sacco that can provide the service.

So, why should you use standing order services from us?

First, we can help you avoid late fees and have to pay the price if the customer’s credit rating is damaged. Second, we can offer all kinds of discounts as you love them.

When you think about how many bills you have to pay regularly, it soon becomes more comfortable to realize that Capital Sacco discounts on standing orders can add up to a pretty useful amount.

Our customer services are also incredible hence making sure that you get what you ask for.

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