An ATM is a smart computer which is connected to the main App known as switch via a secured network. An ATM cannot process any detail unless it gets directions from the switch. Universal ATM distributors mostly manage ATMs. The best example is VISA. At Capital Sacco, we provide Visa Branded ATM cards to our clients.

Why do you need an ATM card?

ATM’s help you do your work efficiently, quickly and safely.  With this card, you don’t need to spend hours in a bank.  You can transact at anytime and anywhere.


As mentioned early, you have protection. By owning an ATM card, you have less risk of employee theft and robbery. If any theft occurs, some of your money will be secure because ATMs provides a limit of withdrawal.

Reduced Costs

The cost of over the counter money withdrawal is three to four times more than the ATM withdrawal charges. That means that, whenever you withdraw your money via an ATM, you will be saving some money.

Do you have an ATM card?

If you do not have an ATM card, please have a plan of owning one. It is affordable, and it will only take some hour for processing. At Capital Sacco, we value your time, and that is why our services are designed to meet your needs.  Get your VISA branded  ATM card and enjoy our convenient services.